About Me

The term HamsterBitch is shorthand for all the things in life that should not go together but someone fit perfectly once some room has been made for them. I have always been most comfortable in those in-between places, what Gloria Anzaldua terms borderlands.

I am have been married five times … to the same wonderful woman. Not because we keep changing our minds but because this country can’t decide how to recognize our lesbian marriage.

I am half-Latina/half-White from Southern California but look more Jewish than anything else.

I’m a mom of two boys, Bubba and Sheldon (not their real names) and therefore have far more penis in my life then I ever expected.

I recently finished a PhD in literacy (even though I’m dyslexic) and study literature and reading.

I hated school but married a teacher, got a PhD and now teach in a school of education.

I’m hoping HamsterBitch will keep me sane.


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